Sunday, June 11, 2006

poligoths - more than an image..its a way of life.

While politicians exhibit many of the traits associated with the gothic; vampirish capacity to drain the lifeblood out of the living, nefarious schemes; dark deeds and desires, mysterious plans and extravagent lifestyles virtually all of them lack the associated charm or charisma which makes this emminently palatable.

POLIGOTHS is an attempt to redress this imbalance, not only putting some style back into these bland characters, but at the same time saving the people much time and money.

No longer is there need to wait till election time to rid oneselves of roguish undead...simply bring out the garlic, the crucifixes, and an old wooden stake. Fiendishly simple. Muwahahahahah!!!!

(Poligoth concept by tanja stark. 2005)

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