Wednesday, October 10, 2007

curing malcolm turnbull

Despite looking more akin to the Robert Smith of today, you have to concede this is an improvement. Of sorts.


sikamikanico said...

I'm not sure what I need most after seeing this picture...a stiff drink, counselling, a lie down, or all three.

the sublime cowgirl said...

Funny how the hair makes both Abbott and Turnbull look soo different.
(I actually think Tony Abbott looks hot as Scissorhands).

I wonder if i'm gonna get a gig as an image consulant for the election?

Eric said...

My dear...this is what happens when spare time meets PhotoShop! the posters...would love to see what you'd do with the new batch of folks running for Pres in the US!


the sublime cowgirl said...

Hi Eric - Obama is down below - as Micheal Jackson in Thriller. I'll have a shot at some of the others one day soon (when i have more of that spare time ;)

Anonymous said...

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